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Councillors and Clerk

Parish Councillors

Name Telephone Email Address Responsibilities

Nick Ireland


01305 837177

[email protected]

Highbanks, Roman Road, Osmington, Dorset, DT3 6ER

Community Plan Executive Officer

Vic White


[email protected]

The Old School, Main Road, Osmington, Dorset, DT3 6EX

Playing Field Officer

Hilary Ballard

[email protected]

Beach Cottage, Church Lane, Osmington, Dorset, DT3 6EJ

Speed Watch Co-ordinator

Phil Botham

[email protected]

Rosemary Cottage, Church Lane, Osmington, DT3 6EJ

DAPTC Area Representative

Charlotte Dempsey

[email protected]

West Wing, Osmington House, Main Road, Osmington, Dorset, DT3 6ES

DAPTC Area Representative

Fran Groves

[email protected]

Karibu, Mills Road, Osmington Mills, Weymouth, DT3 6HQ

Coastal Change Pathfinder Group Representative

Sandra Miller

[email protected]

Streamside, Osmington Mills, Weymouth, Dorset, DT3 6HE

Rights of Way Officer

Parish Clerk

Name Telephone Email Address

Leigh Johnson

01929 761773

[email protected]

The Old Stables, St. John's Hill, Wareham, BH20    4NB